Intricately Carved Antique Screen from Java

  • PRODUCT: Intricately Carved Antique Screen from Java
  • ITEM #: 1804-
  • PRICE: $4800
  • DESCRIPTION: This Antique teak screen from Central Java is a very special find and sure to be the focal point of any room. Traditionally used as a room divider to separate the public part of the home where guests were received, from the private area, this screen would have been part of an Indonesian Chinese home of the 1920’s or later. The intricately carved top portion of each panel has exquisite floral detail, complete with birds and a pair of tigers, showcasing the expert skill of the Javanese artisans. The teak screen was completely painted in a rich chocolate brown,very much in keeping with the style of that period for Chinese influenced pieces. Silver accents were used to decorate and hi -light throughout – including the frame.  The Antique Screen consists of 3 panels that are hinged together to form one large room divider, but they can be separated and used independently. This screen would make a stunning headboard but can be used in a variety of ways. Handcrafted from teak wood – original patina. NOTE: This is a delicate screen and there are small fractures in the carvings in several places due to a century of use. A small section of carving on the left side of the screen is missing. We have left the screen in it’s original condition.
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall: 11.4 feet W  x  18.5 D (foot)  x  72.5 H / Panel 1: 38 W  x  71 H / Mid Panel: 61 W  x  72.5 H / Panel 3: 37 W  x  71 H

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