Long Old Carved Painted Architectural Panel

  • PRODUCT: Long Old Carved Painted Architectural Panel
  • ITEM #: 1812-
  • PRICE: $ 3500
  • DESCRIPTION: This intricately carved old panel is a unique decorative architectural accent for your home. Measuring 8 feet long, we love it’s weathered, rustic patina and and organic character, and of course it’s significant size. Originally a main panel in a traditional “Joglo” house in either Java or Madura island, this old architectural piece is now a one-of-a-kind vintage treasure. Influenced from the Dutch colonization, this old teak panel has hand carved floral detail distinct to design from that area. Beautifully embellished with paint, as was the tradition of homes along the coast. It’s weathered painted finish, displays the results of repainting over the decades and exposure to the elements. Handcrafted from a single Teak board. Hand hewn board, some minor wood erosion, and tenon extensions joinery at the ends confirm authenticity. Thoroughly cleaned of dirt and loose paints.
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall:  @ 97.25 in L (inc extensions)  x 10.5 in H x  1.75 in thick