Old Carved Figurehead Panel from Madura

  • PRODUCT: Old Carved Figurehead Panel from Madura
  • ITEM #: 1812-
  • PRICE: $2950
  • DESCRIPTION:  This is a hands down, totally fabulous piece of art to add to your collection. Hand carved from 1 solid piece of teak wood, this intricately carved Figurehead once graced the bow of a traditional Madurese boat (Perahu). Originally used to guard and protect the boat and crew and bring good luck to it’s journey, the Figurehead was a prominent feature at the front of the Perahu.  A proud and handsome rooster adorns the top of this figurehead, a guardian revered for it’s crowing at daybreak, signifying the light that would chase away the evil spirits of darkness. A beautiful lotus and other floral intricate detail decorate this stately figurehead. The intricate carved detail throughout this piece is a testament to the expert skill and craft of Indonesian woodcarvers. Teak wood / original patina.
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall:  17.5 in W  x  2.25 D in  x  85 in H