Old Carved Teak Panels 167

  • PRODUCT: Old Carved Teak Panels 167
  • ITEM #: 1812-
  • PRICE: $1150 EACH A is SOLD (Sold Separately)
  • DESCRIPTION: These intricately hand carved teak panels were originally part of Old Indonesian Doors situated at the entrance of a traditional house in Java and Madura.  The panels have very detailed floral motifs throughout and beautiful natural patina and rustic character. Old Teak panel A is from a Madura, an island off the coast of Java, with a history of painting their front doors and furniture in coastal colors. A bit of color still is visible in its aged patina. Old teak panel B is from Java. Whichever piece you choose, they are both wonderful architectural accents for anywhere in your home. Hand crafted by traditional artisans from solid teak wood.
  • DIMENSIONS:   A:  SOLD  60.5 L  x  12.5 W   / B:  64 L  x  10.5 H