Old Carved Teak Panels with Stand

  • PRODUCT: Old Carved Teak Panels with Stand
  • ITEM #: 1812
  • PRICE: $950 Each / Sold Separately / Right Panel SOLD
  • DESCRIPTION: These old teak panels are beautiful pieces of art work and the metal stands make them perfect for display.  These panels incorporate a Chinese style motif (carving) with the indigenous colors of the Madurese Coastal Region – a wonderful blending of Chinese and local Madurese style. Each panel has its original, painted patina with greenish – blue tones and red accent, characteristic of pieces from the coastal region. The panels are SOLD SEPARATELY and easily lift out of the metal stand to display on the wall. Stand Included.
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall:  7 W x  61 H with Stand /  Base: 8 x 8