Old Carved Wayang Panel from Java

  • PRODUCT: Old Carved Wayang Panel from Java
  • ITEM #: 1820-932-457
  • PRICE: $750
  • DESCRIPTION:  This Old Carved Wayang Panel, which is carved on BOTH sides, is a one of a kind find on our travels through Java. Hand carved from a solid piece of teak, and then painted, this panel is a great example of traditional Javanese village art. It depicts famous characters from the Hindu epic “The Mahabharata.” This double sided panel showcases 2 scenes of Prince Arjuna and his band of clowns (known as punakawan) Semar, Gareng, Bagong and Petruk, all well known and beloved characters throughout Java. Naturally aged rustic patina.
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall: 30 W  x  15.5  H  x  1 Thick