Set of Old Geometric Teak Architectural Panels

  • PRODUCT: Set of Old Geometric Teak Architectural Panels
  • ITEM #: 1812-
  • PRICE: $ 2850
  • DESCRIPTION: This four piece set of antique architectural panels from Bali is a special find. Originally part of a set of an old Door panel, these antique teakwood panels have intricate carved “geometric style” detail throughout. The panels are handsomely carved with the oldest religious symbol in existence, the original swastik, and are commonly found in Bali adorning temple walls and sacred objects. This symbol is found in many cultures and religions, but in Balinese Hinduism, it represents good fortune. Like a lucky charm, it is used to ward off negative energies, which is why it’s often found carved into doorways and thresholds throughout Bali. Hand carved decades ago by local artisans from solid hand-hewn teak wood  planks, they maintain their innate beauty and the spirit of protection and good fortune wherever they have a home. Organic character consistent with age.
  • DIMENSIONS:  Large Panels:  A)  69.25 in  L ( 70.75 ext )  x  6 in W x 1 in thick   B) 69.75 in L ( 71.75 ext ) x 6 in W x 1 in thick / Small Panels:  24.75 in L x  5.75 in W x 1 in