Javanese Masks Wayang Topeng

  • PRODUCT: Javanese Masks Wayang Topeng
  • ITEM #: 1814-933-307
  • PRICE: $125 each / Sold Separately
  • DESCRIPTION:  These traditional vintage masks from Java are known in Indonesia as “Wayang Topeng.” They’re worn by actors as they perform traditional ritual dances, wearing elaborate costumes and accompanied by a gamelan orchestra. The Wayang Topeng dances act out stories from the ancient Javanese Panji Narratives, tales of kings and heroes, thought to have had their origins in East Java around the 13th century.  These 2 vintage masks are the famous characters Prince Panji (left) and his wife Raden Chandra Kirana (right). Prince Panji is the ultimate Javanese hero and his beautiful wife, despite many separations, is his great love. They are sold separately but look beautiful as a pair. Handcrafted from wood and hand painted by local artisans in Java. Approx 25+ years of age. Metal Stand Included.
  • DIMENSIONS: Male Left: 6.5 W   x  5.5 D x  8 H / Female Right: 6.5 W  x 4.5 D  x 8H / 17.5 H on Stand