Asmat Tribal Shield

  • PRODUCT: Asmat Tribal Shield
  • ITEM #: 1820-933-101
  • PRICE: $950  SOLD
  • DESCRIPTION: If you love tribal modern art then this a wonderful piece to have in your home. This shield is an original tribal artifact of the Bras tribe in the Sepana Brazza River region of Papua, Indonesia. It has a handsomely carved front with hand painted detail throughout. Shades of white and clay add another element of decoration. The Asmat people have used these wood shields as protection from both the physical and spiritual powers of the enemy. The shield, including the handle in the back is carved from from 1 solid piece of wood. It comes complete with it’s metal stand so it’s ready to display as a great piece of ethnic artwork.  Metal Stand Included.
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall:  15 W  x  50.5 H in stand (46.75 Height of shield) / Base: 10 W x  6 D  x 1 H