Balinese Buddha Statue Antique Finish

  • PRODUCT: Balinese Buddha Statue Antique Finish
  • ITEM #: 1813-930-233
  • PRICE: $950 SOLD
  • DESCRIPTION: If you’ve been searching for a unique Buddha statue this handsome Balinese wood carving may be the one for you. The meditative state of this sitting Buddha, in the traditional lotus position radiates a peaceful energy. Hand carved in Bali from one solid piece of wood, this Buddha carving has been hand painted with an antiqued finish, enhancing the timeless beauty of the statue. This depiction of the Buddha has an organic presence that radiates serenity and calm – wonderful energy to bring to any space. Beautiful hand carved detail throughout, especially on the robe and crown. It’s a beautiful representation of “The Enlightened One.” This Balinese Buddha statue is sure to bring positive energy to any space. Organic character throughout. Hand carved by a traditional Balinese wood carver. *Felt pads at bottom of statue were added to protect any surface but can easily be removed.* 
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall: 18 in W  x  7.5 in D  x  24 in H

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