Carved Wood Mirror with Old Teak Panel 1

  • PRODUCT: Carved Wood Mirror with Old Teak Panel 1
  • ITEM #: 1829-930-186
  • PRICE: $595  SOLD
  • DESCRIPTION: This one-of-a-kind reclaimed teak mirror is sure to be a beautiful accent for any home. Hand crafted by traditional Indonesian artisans using an old carved panel and reclaimed teak wood, and a subtle wash of color to enhance it’s Bali style design. The carving on the old teak panel has a naturally eroded texture of it’s floral motif all the courtesy of Mother Nature. This carved mirror is perfect in the entry or above a console cabinet or bathroom vanity. Organic character throughout from the reclaimed teak wood.
  • DIMENSIONS:  Overall:  29 W  x  49  H  x 1.5 D