Hand Carved Vishnu Riding Garuda Statue from Bali

  • PRODUCT: Hand Carved Vishnu Riding Garuda Statue from Bali
  • ITEM #: 1813-911-149
  • PRICE: $950
  • DESCRIPTION: This intricately carved Balinese statue of the Hindu god Lord Vishnu riding Garuda is absolutely exquisite. There’s so much fine detail and expression in this handsome three dimensional wood carving that it will definitely be a statement piece in any home. Vishnu, the Hindu god who is the preserver and protector of the Universe is shown atop Garuda, the man/eagle like divine bird he chose as mode of transport. Since Garuda is famous for his bravery in slaying serpents and other foes, the wood carver has included these enemies to show his strength in this handsome piece. With intricate detail throughout – including the magnificent plummage -this Balinese statue is an exquisite piece of art! Hand carved by a highly skilled traditional wood carver in Bali from one solid block of suar wood. Organic color variation of the wood grain adds to the overall unique beauty of this wood carving. Hand carved in Bali.
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall: 11 in W   x  6.5in D   x  16 in H