Intricately Hand Carved Old Wood Deer

  • PRODUCT: Intricately Hand Carved Old Wood Deer
  • ITEM #: 1813
  • PRICE: $9500
  • DESCRIPTION: The intricately hand carved detail on this deer is an exquisite example of the remarkable skill of Indonesian wood carvers.  This beautiful deer is a very rare find and a true beauty with enchanting eyes. The carving is an old piece, originally hand carved in Java from 1 solid block of teak wood. The antlers are original deer antlers incorporated into the carving to create a very life like creature. Each hair on the body has been individually hand carved – a pain staking, arduous process by a highly skilled artisan.
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall: 46 L  x 14 W  x 31 H / Body: 36 L x 14 W