Large Antique Brass Sugar Kettle 2

  • PRODUCT: Large Antique Brass Sugar Kettle #2
  • ITEM #: 1817-928-546
  • PRICE: $ 2500
  • DESCRIPTION: This large antique brass cooking kettle from Java, Indonesia is a handsome piece and a rare find. At 28 inches in diameter, it’s a significant size and would make a handsome addition to your home inside or in the garden. Originally made for utilitarian cooking purposes for the production of sugar, or other products. This antique brass kettle has beautiful patina from it’s years of use and wear, with two large handles on each side. Handmade from solid brass using the ancient lost wax cast process.
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall:  28 in diam  x  7.75 in H / Base: 15 in diam / Handles: @ 5.25 in L / Weight: @40-48 lbs