Large Hand Carved Buddha Statue from Bali 

  • PRODUCT: Large Hand Carved Buddha Statue from Bali 
  • ITEM #: 1813-932-369B
  • PRICE: $950
  • DESCRIPTION: If you’ve been searching for a special Buddha statue, this handsome Balinese wood carving may be the one for you. Sitting serenely in a lotus position, this Balinese Buddha is carved using the Karana mudra hand gesture, symbolizing protection and the removal of obstacles and negative energy. Hand carved in Bali from one solid block of suar wood, this Buddha statue has wonderful carved detail throughout, from the crown of his head, to his beautiful face and elegant hands. There’s even detail throughout his robe. This hand carving of the Buddha, also known as “The Enlightened One” has an organic presence showcasing the innate beauty and grain of the wood. It radiates peace and calm – wonderful energy to bring to any space. Organic character throughout. Hand carved by a traditional Balinese wood carver. 
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall: 17 in W  x  10.5 D  x  21 H