Large Hand Carved Wood Buddha Statue

  • PRODUCT: Large Hand Carved Wood Buddha Statue
  • ITEM #: 1813-934
  • PRICE: $ 2450
  • DESCRIPTION: This grand, hand carved wood statue of the Buddha is an absolute statement piece! Over three feet high and almost two feet wide, this exquisite Buddha wood carving exudes a calming, peaceful energy. Sitting atop a lotus flower, and elegantly carved depicting the Buddha in a teaching pose, this statue is sure to be the focal point of any space. The familiar Buddhist hand position, known as the dharmachakra mudra, and referred to as “turning the wheel of dharma,” is a wonderful representation of the Buddha. Hand carved from one solid block of suar wood by a traditional wood carver in Ubud, Bali; the intricate detail throughout the crown of his head, his serene features, the elegance of his hands and the gentle folds of his robes, showcase his expert skill and keen affinity with wood. The organic beauty of the natural wood grain and it’s shading variations only add to the statue’s exquisite artistry. This one-of-a-kind piece, with it’s simple beauty, will be eye-catching in any home or business setting. Hand carved detail throughout.
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall:  22.25 W  x  11 in D  x  40 in H