Large Loro Blonyo Indonesian Wedding Statues 

  • PRODUCT: Large Loro Blonyo Indonesian Wedding Statues 
  • ITEM #: 1813-
  • PRICE: $950 Pair
  • DESCRIPTION: Known in Indonesia as “Loro Blonyo,” these traditional wedding figures are a vintage pair collected in the 1990’s in Java. The male and female figures represent the deity Dewi Sri and her consort Raden Sadono. Dewi Sri is the goddess of rice and fertility, revered throughout Bali and Java and believed to infuse the home with blessings of a happy partnership. Handcrafted from wood by local artisans and hand painted with an antiqued finish. Painted detail in the sarongs the statues are wearing as well as the overall style reflects their Central Java heritage. The male figure is complete with kris at his back. They are definitely a handsome pair!  Aged patina throughout.
  • DIMENSIONS: Female:  7.5 in W  x  7 in D  x  20 in H / Male: 7.5 in W  x  8 in D  x 21 in H