Large Old Slit Drum from Java

  • PRODUCT: Large Old Slit Drum from Java 
  • ITEM #: 1820-933-520
  • PRICE: $950
  • DESCRIPTION: This old slit drum from Java is a wonderful piece to bring some modern organic style to your space. Originally used as a drum in Java, this village artifact was handcrafted from one solid block of teak wood and hollowed out on the inside so when it was struck with a wood stick sound was created. The old teak drum has a handsome curved shape and a hand hewn weathered patina. It sits atop a small wood stand and has a solid, understated presence. A wonderful piece of utilitarian organic art. Naturally weathered patina consistent with wear and age. has a handsome fluidity to its hand hewn patina
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall:  36 in W  x  8 in D  x 14.25 in H