Large Tribal Ancestor Figure Statue

  • PRODUCT: Large Tribal Ancestor Figure Statue
  • ITEM #: 1813-
  • PRICE: $3500
  • DESCRIPTION: This handsome and imposing ancestor figure from the island of Timor, Indonesia is a wonderful vintage piece for any primitive art lover. Hand carved from 1 solid slab of indigenous hard wood, this tribal statue has a stately presence with it’s ornately carved headdress and classic ancestor figure posture. Shells were used as eyes for added decoration, creating a dramatic effect and striking countenance. Traditionally these statues were carved to house the spirits of the ancestors or other supernatural guardians; however this statue was most likely created for the ethnic art market in the late 80’s /early 90’s. Carved detail throughout with a dark patina.  Organic character and texture throughout – condition consistent with age.
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall: 10 in W  x  9.5 in D  x  43.5 in H