Old Brass Betel Nut Set

  • PRODUCT: Old Brass Betel Nut Set
  • ITEM #:  1817-932-4
  • PRICE: $450
  • DESCRIPTION: This old betel nut set from Java, Indonesia is handcrafted from solid brass and is in wonderful condition. The custom of chewing a mixture of the betel nut leaf and areca nut was a common practice throughout Indonesia, and much of Southeast Asia, dating back thousands of years. This elaborate brass betel nut set includes the brass bowl, tray and several small containers for holding the various ingredients. They are beautifully carved with intricate detail. The design is quite ingenious, and allowed for the tray to be separated from the bowl and presented to guests to share in a betel nut chew. Condition consistent with age and use.
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall:  7.5 in diam  x  8.5 in H