Old Eroded Teak Plate Organic Art

  • PRODUCT: Old Eroded Teak Plate Organic Art
  • ITEM #: 1820-932-625
  • PRICE: $495
  • DESCRIPTION: If your looking for a handsome piece of gallery style art then this old rustic teak plate will be a great addition to your home. This old teak plate was originally hand crafted from a solid block of teak wood by  for utilitarian purposes in the home. Now it’s beauty lies in it’s natural simplicity and the gorgeous eroded texture of the teak wood – courtesy of use and Mother Nature. The old teak plate from Java has natural erosion that only time and the elements can design making it a unique piece of modern organic art worthy of display. White metal Stand included.
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall:  18 in W x  24 H in Stand / Metal Base: 10.5 W  x  5.5 D / tray @ 18 in diam

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