Old Hammered Copper Pot

  • PRODUCT: Old Hammered Copper Pot
  • ITEM #: 1821-928-371
  • PRICE: $350
  • DESCRIPTION:  A wonderful utilitarian find from Indonesia, this old copper pot has a handsome aged patina from decades of use and wear. This old copper vessel is a traditional style of pot used for cooking rice in Indonesia. Complemented by a handwoven, cone shaped bamboo steamer which was inserted into the copper pot to steam the rice. This beautifully aged piece stands out on it’s own but also makes a unique container for storing utensils or floral displays. Handcrafted from copper with a hammered textured patina for utilitarian purposes in the home. Organic wear throughout consistent with use and age.
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall:  11 in diam base   x   13.75 in H  / Top 12.5 in diam