Old Hand Woven Rattan Basket from Madura

  • PRODUCT: Old Hand Woven Rattan Basket from Madura
  • ITEM: 1825-927-183
  • PRICE: $195
  • DESCRIPTION: If you love baskets to accent your home, this old handwoven rattan basket from Madura, Indonesia is a must to add to your collection. Originally handcrafted for utilitarian household, this authentic vintage basket is a handsome traditional artifact. Despite it’s age, the basket is in excellent condition with a handsome organic patina from decades of use and wear. Beautifully handwoven to create it’s functional open shape with fine edging at the rim and base. A unique feature of  this old basket are the hand carved wood accent panels that decorate the exterior of the basket. A wood bottom was incorporated into the base, most likely for durability. Basket condition as pictured.
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall:  11 in diam  x  7 in H  / Base:  @ 9 in Diam