Old Loom on Stand

  • PRODUCT: Old Loom on Stand
  • ITEM #: 1820-932-421S
  • PRICE: $395  SOLD
  • DESCRIPTION: This old back strap loom is a wonderful display of utilitarian art and a unique decorative accent for your home. This old loom was individually hand crafted from a solid piece of wood according to the specifications of the weaver and has now been handsomely mounted on a stand for a gallery like display. This type of portable loom is traditionally used in Bali and the outer islands of Indonesia to hand weave Ikat and other warp textiles. A backstrap loom is placed behind the back of the weaver and allows the weaver to use her body weight to tension the loom. Organic character, texture and patina throughout.  
  • DIMENSIONS:  Overall:  47.25 W  x 4.75 D  x 13.5 H / Stand: 20 W  x  4 D