Old Sumba Earthenware Pot 2

  • PRODUCT: Old Sumba Earthenware Pot 2
  • ITEM #: 1821-3-200  
  • PRICE: $295 SOLD 
  • DESCRIPTION: This vintage earthenware pot from Sumba island, East Indonesia is a wonderful piece to add to your home decor or pottery collection. Small v shaped markings decorate the area around the neck and a handsome patina throughout the body of the pot, make this a one of a kind piece. This handmade, low fired, burnished pot was originally used for utilitarian purposes in the village household to hold dye. Famous for their weaving of intricate Ikat textiles on traditional backstrap looms, Sumbanese women used the earthenware pots to store their organically made dyes that produced the colors for their prized Ikat. Mid 20th century – condition consistent with age and wear. Please note that colors of items pictured may vary slightly from their original color due to monitor display settings or photography lighting.*
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall:  @ 13 Diam  x  10.5 H