Old Teak Plate

  • PRODUCT: Old Teak Plate 
  • ITEM #: 1817-932-446
  • PRICE: $395
  • DESCRIPTION: If your looking for a unique piece of gallery style art then this old rustic teak plate will be a great addition to your home. Hang as modern organic wall art or incorporate into your home décor to add texture and character to your space. This teak plate was originally hand crafted from a solid piece of teak wood in Java, Indonesia for utilitarian purposes in the home. Now it’s beauty lies in it’s gorgeous eroded texture and the organic beauty of the wood grain – courtesy of use and Mother Nature. The old teak plate has a handsome patina that only time and the elements can design, making it a unique piece of modern organic art worthy of display. 
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall:  16 in diam  x  1.25 in thick