Old Temple Guardian Carving on Stand

  • PRODUCT: Old Temple Guardian Carving on Stand
  • ITEM #: 1813-930-194
  • PRICE: $950
  • DESCRIPTION: This three dimensional wood carving of an old temple guardian figure is a striking find. Originally part of a Chinese Buddhist temple, this intricate carving depicts a demon dragon-like figure with a menacing face, sharp fangs and a serpent like body. The threatening image was meant to protect the Chinese temple and ward off any evil that might even dare to enter. Hand carved from one solid piece of wood, the carving has an antiqued patina, and maintains it’s original paint with organic age and wear. Solidly mounted on a handsome reclaimed teak stand to complement it’s uniqueness. Two feet tall with Stand.
  • DIMENSIONS:  Overall:  7.5 in W  x  7.5 in D  x 24 in  H / Stand: 7 in W x 5.5 in D x 2.5 in H