Old Woven Basket from Kalimantan

  • PRODUCT: Old Woven Basket from Kalimantan
  • ITEM #: 1825-931-211
  • PRICE: $350  SOLD
  • DESCRIPTION: If you love baskets to accent your home, this finely woven old gathering basket is a must to add to your collection. Originally handwoven by the Dayak people of East Kalimantan for utilitarian household use, this basket makes a unique artifact for your home decor. Traditionally carried on the back, this basket was used to collect fruits, vegetables, and other items as one foraged through the forest for food and medicinal plants. Women were the weavers of these rattan baskets and are known for their expert skill, as seen in the fine plaiting of this old Borneo basket. With it’s handsome organic patina from decades of use and wear, this old woven basket from Kalimantan is a beautiful utilitarian find from Indonesia.
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall:  18 in top diam  x  25/26 in H  / Base:  @ 10 in x 10 in