Painted Weeping Yogi Bali Wood Carving

  • PRODUCT: Painted Weeping Yogi Bali Wood Carving
  • ITEM #: 1813-919-150S
  • PRICE: $85
  • DESCRIPTION: This metallic silver painted wood carving of a Weeping Yogi is a modern take on a classic piece. Also called a Weeping Buddha, this decorative home accent is sure to add some serenity and style to your home. The weeping yogi carving is a moving representation of the Buddha’s First Noble Truth: Life contains inevitable pain, suffering and stress. The yogi is depicted holding his head in his hands, weeping for the sorrows of the world, and shouldering the burdens of those around him. Hand carved in Bali by traditional wood carvers – hand painted. Wonderful detail throughout from the curvature of the spine down to the finger and toe nails. Organic imperfections part of the character of the piece.
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall:   7.5 in Diam  x  8 H