Reclaimed Teak Decorative Ladder from Old Plows

  • PRODUCT: Reclaimed Teak Decorative Ladder from Old Plows
  • ITEM #: 1820-933-204
  • PRICE: $1350
  • DESCRIPTION: This reclaimed teak ladder is quite handsome all on it’s own yet it also makes a wonderful backdrop for displaying special textiles or favorite fabrics. It’s beauty lies in it’s simplicity. Handcrafted in Indonesia by traditional artisans from reclaimed teak wood and old teak plows known as “bajak.” The frame of the ladder incorporates the old plows into it’s design to create a unique item for your home.  Since the artisans are using these vintage plows they must work with the nature of the material which by nature does not have perfectly straight lines. Natural organic character and texture from the reclaimed teak wood. If you have children or pets at home we recommend securing the ladder to the wall.
  • DIMENSIONS:   Overall:  24.5 in  W  x  8 in D  x  96 in H