Rice Goddess Dewi Sri Balinese Wood Carving Statue

  • PRODUCT: Rice Goddess Dewi Sri Balinese Wood Carving Statue
  • ITEM #: 1813-932-361
  • PRICE: $995  SOLD
  • DESCRIPTION: This is a lovely representation of the popular rice goddess Dewi Sri and a wonderful example of the fine quality of Balinese wood carvings. It beautifully depicts the deity Dewi Sri, venerated throughout Bali and Java as the benefactress of rice harvests, fertility and abundance. Over three and a half feet tall, this statue will be an absolute statement piece in your home. Hand carved from one solid piece of rain tree wood, the statue is intricately hand carved throughout with gorgeous detail and fluidity. The expert Balinese carver has incorporated the natural shadings of the wood to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Natural wood carving with no finish.
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall:  15 W  x  7 D  x  41.25 H / Base: 14 W  x  7 D