Small Hand Carved Bali Buddha Statue

  • PRODUCT: Small Hand Carved Bali Buddha Statue
  • ITEM #: 1813-929-204
  • PRICE: $275
  • DESCRIPTION: The delicate beauty of this hand carved Buddha statue from Bali makes it a special piece to have in your home. The Buddha, often referred to as “The Enlightened One,” radiates serenity and calm. He is exquisitely carved from crocodile wood with the Teaching Mudra hand position. Starting with a handsome, tranquil face, this Buddha carving has intricate detail throughout – from his delicate hand to the crown of his head – even in the gentle folds of his robe. No two wood carvings are ever alike, and this beautiful Buddha is truly a special find. A statue of the Buddha always brings a timeless, peaceful energy to any space and will be a positive presence in your home. 
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall:  7.5 in W  x  4 in D  x  10.5 in H