Tall Carved Tribal Wood Art Statue

  • PRODUCT: Tall Carved Tribal Wood Art Statue
  • ITEM #: 1813-932-114
  • PRICE: $ 1450 SOLD
  • DESCRIPTION: Bring some modern ethnic style to your living space with this hand carved tribal statue from Gado Gado. Standing six and a half feet tall, this unique tribal wood carving of a man with crocodile atop, will be THE eye-cacthing piece! Hand carved from one solid piece of wood by a local artisan in West Timor, Indonesia in the style of an Ancestor Figure. Traditionally this type of statue was handcrafted to honor the spirit of an ancestor and was an important ritual for the community. With hand carved detail throughout and a pale whitewashed finish, the statue’s neutral tones and rich texture provide for it’s understated artistic appeal. Whether your space is contemporary, modern, African, ethnic or global this hand carved tribal statue will be right at home. Square base has been added.  
  • DIMENSIONS:  Overall: 12 in W  x  9 in D  x  80 in H

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