Vintage Dewi Sri Rice Sheaf Paddle from Bali

  • PRODUCT: Vintage Dewi Sri Rice Sheaf Paddle from Bali
  • ITEM #: 1820
  • PRICE: $ 350
  • DESCRIPTION: Once a utilitarian tool, and now an objet d’art of the beloved rice goddess Dewi Sri, this old rice sheaf paddle is sure to catch the eyes of those with discerning taste. Elegantly displayed atop a modern teak stand, this unusual piece will be a unique addition to your home décor. Referred to in Bali as “panatapan,” the paddle had a utilitarian purpose for work in the rice fields. Village farmers would use “panaptapan” to pound the ends of the rice stalks to even them up and make a uniform sheaf. The bundled rice stalks were then stored in the village rice barn. Handcrafted in Bali from a solid piece of teak wood decades ago, the upper portion of the paddle has a beautifully carved face of the deity Dewi Sri, the revered goddess of rice, fertility, and abundance. Hand painted to add decoration and detail, yet it’s current condition displays an antiqued patina from age and use. A carved out opening in it’s handle was for the purpose of hanging and storage when not in use. Antiqued patina throughout consistent with age and wear.
  • DIMENSIONS:  Overall:  @ 7 in W  x  4 in D  x 18.5 in  H in Stand / Base: 4 in x 4 in