Vintage Handwoven Sumba Ikat Textile

  • PRODUCT: Vintage Handwoven Sumba Ikat Textile
  • ITEM #: 1819-922-200
  • PRICE: $375
  • DESCRIPTION: Vintage handwoven warp ikat textile from Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia collected in the late 1990’s in Indonesia. This textile known as “hinggi,” was traditionally worn by Sumbanese men as a shoulder or waist cloth and depicts rows of animals and geometric patterns from the Kaliuda area of Sumba.  Handwoven by women on traditional backstrap looms, the ‘hinggi” was woven using the warp ikat process, an intricate and labor-intensive resist dyeing weaving technique that produces individualized designs with slightly blurred edges. Since backstrap loom width’s are made according to the width of the weaver’s waist, any textile woven on a backstrap loom is no larger than 25 inches wide. This requires the weaver to create two mirror image textiles that can be sown together to produce one contiguous piece, quite an amazing skill, creating a handsome piece of cloth rich in style, substance and technique. Condition: Like new, mint. *Pictures of products shown may vary slightly from their original color due to monitor display settings or photography lighting.*
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall:  @ 86 in L  (93 in L inc fringe)  x 35.5 in W