Hand Hewn Teak Slab Bench Coffee Table

  • PRODUCT: Hand Hewn Teak Slab Bench Coffee Table
  • ITEM #: 1803-
  • PRICE: $6500
  • DESCRIPTION: This hand hewn, solid slab teak bench is a one-of-a-kind genuine beauty. Hand crafted from a 4 inch thick solid slab of vintage teak wood and meticulously hand hewn by local artisans in Java, to produce a rich and handsome textured top. The vintage teak slab has been mounted on two antique teak wood bases known as “umpak” that originally held the architectural posts of an old house in Java. It is a perfect pairing for this massive teak top! This is an absolutely gorgeous piece of furniture and would make a grand bench or a FABULOUS coffee table! Organic aged texture and character throughout from the reclaimed teak wood.
  • DIMENSIONS:  79 in L  x  24 in  D  x  19.5 in H