Old Teak Bench from Java

  • PRODUCT: Old Teak Bench from Java
  • ITEM #: 1807-931-399
  • PRICE: $2650
  • DESCRIPTION: This gorgeous antique bench is an absolute natural beauty! Originally hand crafted from 1 solid plank of teak wood by a village artisan (minus the legs), Mother Nature has done her magic to create the character and texture it has today. The teak has naturally eroded and hardened like fossil over the decades and human hands have skillfully created a beautiful hand finish for a one-of-a-kind gallery piece.  The original legs have been replaced. Traditionally found in villages in Java, these benches, locally known as “Layek,” were the perfect spot for an afternoon break during the heat of the day. The bench is strong enough to sit on but treat it gently.
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall : 78 in L  x  23 in D  x  23.5 in H