Organic Modern Long Teak Bench

  • PRODUCT: Organic Modern Long Teak Benchand hewn
  • ITEM #: 1807-
  • PRICE: $3500
  • DESCRIPTION: If you’re searching for that special bench with innate organic beauty, and a modern, quiet elegance, this piece is definitely “the” one! It’s unusual long length and natural artistry make this gallery style teak bench a unique find. Hand hewn from one solid slab of vintage teak wood, it’s original curvature was incorporated into the design of the bench to create a striking balance between functionality and nature. The simple styled legs, hand crafted from reclaimed teak, provide sturdy support as well as a handsome base for this modern organic bench. The hand sanded, smooth finish showcases the rich textural variations and the intrinsic beauty of the teak wood grain and allows it to shine. This organic modern bench is an absolute statement piece and will be a handsome addition to your home. Natural rustic texture and character throughout. 
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall: @ 86 in L  x  14 in  D  x  18.5 in H