Organic Modern Old Mortar Bench

  • PRODUCT: Organic Modern Old Mortar Bench
  • ITEM #: 1807-
  • PRICE: $ 4500
  • DESCRIPTION: This absolutely handsome old rice mortar is now a gorgeous bench and a definite statement piece. We love it’s organic modern vibe and it’s natural textured patina only wear and time can provide. Once used to husk rice with a wooden pole (pestle), this old wood mortar known in Indonesia as a “lesung” is a utilitarian village artifact with a new purpose. Handcrafted in Indonesia decades ago from a solid block of tropical wood, it’s now been transformed into an impressive display of nature’s artistry. Tapered legs of reclaimed hard wood were handcrafted to keep the focus on the intrinsic beauty of the bench. All sides display their own canvas of textured variations of the wood grain making this bench a wonderful piece to be right at home in the center of a space. If you’re looking to find just the right bench to add to your organic modern home décor, this piece will definitely be your understated, one of a kind treasure! Natural rustic texture and character throughout. 
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall: @ 60 in L  x 12 in D  x  17 in H