Primitive Teak Bench from Antique Mortar

  • PRODUCT: Primitive Teak Bench from Antique Mortar
  • ITEM #: 1807-
  • PRICE: $4500
  • DESCRIPTION: This rustically gorgeous, primitive teak bench, formerly an antique Indonesian rice mortar, is now a stunning piece of functional organic art. Beautifully fossilized thru age and the elements, this six and a half foot block of teak wood was the natural canvas for nature’s artistry, creating a one-of-a-kind treasure from this former utilitarian artifact. With it’s original, streamlined shape, and an appreciation for it’s rich, textured patina, a keen eye was able to envision the repurposing of this antique mortar into a functional piece of art and distinctive home décor. This primitive teak bench is a rare natural beauty from all sides and will transition seamlessly between a variety of design styles. In working to preserve the rustic character of the fossilized mortar, without altering it, the wood was painstakingly cleaned and hand brushed throughout for a smooth finish, to reveal a true gem of nature’s artistry! It sits evenly on the floor without legs. Originally hand-hewn for utilitarian purposes to husk rice, this teak mortar now has an organic modern vibe as a primitive teak bench or a low coffee table.
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall: @ 65 in L  x 12.5 in D  x  11.5 in H