Reclaimed Teak Cabinet with Old Carved Panel Doors

  • PRODUCT: Reclaimed Teak Cabinet with Old Carved Panel Doors
  • ITEM #: 1805-931-174
  • PRICE: $1850   SOLD
  • DESCRIPTION: This gorgeous cabinet was handcrafted in Indonesia by traditional artisans, using Old Carved Teak Panels for the doors and reclaimed teak wood. The intricately carved 3 dimensional teak panels were originally part of an Old Indonesian Wedding Bed, and have been beautifully incorporated into the door design. Solid Brass Floral door handles are the perfect complement to the old carved panel design. The rustic character and texture of the reclaimed teak wood juxtaposes the elegant fluidity of the floral panels with a light white wash finish. Additional detail on the crown and base of the cabinet. Double doors open to 3 interior shelves with loads of storage. 1 Drawer.
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall: 23.75 W  x  19.5 D  x  74 H / Shelves: @ 15.5 D x 20 W