Modern Organic Burled Teak Accent Chair

  • PRODUCT: Modern Organic Burled Teak Accent Chair
  • ITEM #: 1807-
  • PRICE: $1500
  • DESCRIPTION: We just love the modern, earthy vibe of this burled teak accent chair. It’s contemporary, organic style will add a unique touch to any room. It’s not just full of style, but also functional as an accent chair with an ample seat and sturdy legs. Hand crafted from one solid block of vintage burled teak wood, bleached, and artistically refinished to create a one of a kind gallery style piece. Meticulously hand sanded throughout, the seat has been naturally refinished to showcase the handsome, innate beauty of the burled wood grain. The stream lined legs, handcrafted from old teak pestles, are a perfect pairing and keep the focus on the beautiful burled teak wood. This gorgeous, organic accent chair is an absolute eye-catcher and certain to be a statement piece in your home. Natural rustic texture and patina throughout.
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall: @ 24 in W  x  27 in D  x  27.25 in H / Seat:  16.5 in W x 17 in D  x  18.5 in H