Old Carved Wedding Chest from Madura 

  • PRODUCT: Old Carved Wedding Chest from Madura
  • ITEM #: 1801-1-291
  • PRICE: $6500
  • DESCRIPTION: This is a very special, one of a kind old, wedding chest from the island of Madura, Indonesia. This brightly styled wedding chest is an original piece reflecting the tradition of Madura which is famous for it’s painted pieces in vibrant colors reflecting life along the coast.  This chest is intricately carved throughout, with lovely detail on the posts and legs and hand painted. Hand crafted by local artisans from solid teak wood, each side and top panels are solid teak boards. Locally known as “Jodang” these chests were traditionally used to store and transport the bride’s possessions – the size and style of the chest usually indicative of the family’s status. Often erroneously referred to as “dowry chests” – Indonesia (unlike India) does not have a tradition of dowry or bride prices for women. Completely original. Top flips up on both sides for interior storage. The top “crown” piece of the horseman rests in the slot and can be removed. Organic character and texture throughout consistent with age and wear.
  • DIMENSIONS:  Overall : 44 in W  x  23 in D  x  35 in H

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