Old Javanese Rice Chest

  • PRODUCT: Old Javanese Rice Chest
  • ITEM #: 1815
  • PRICE: $ 2650
  • DESCRIPTION: From it’s early beginnings as a mortar, this old Javanese rice chest is a handsome piece, with rich history and character. Crafted for utilitarian purposes to husk rice using large wooden pestles. this primitive village artifact eventually functioned as chest to store rice. The body of the antique mortar was painstakingly hollowed out by village artisans, from one solid block of teak wood, many decades ago. The handsome hand hewning of the teak wood is still visible, and a remnant of the traditional craftsmanship used in it’s design. The base and top cover were added decades ago to allow the mortar to function as a storage chest for rice. The teak base was constructed using mortise and tenon joinery, with European design influence reflecting the Dutch presence in Java. Back and front of the chest have the curved base with simple hand carved detail, and a warm, aged patina is visible throughout the chest. The top closure is secured by a wooden peg which is easily removed or swung to slide the plank and access the inside. Organic character and texture with a handsome patina from use and age.
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall:  55 in W  x  11 in D  x  17.5 in H /  At Base:  48 in W x  11 in D