Spalted Tamarind Wood Organic Accent Table

  • PRODUCT: Spalted Tamarind Wood Organic Accent Table
  • ITEM #: 1803-934-149
  • PRICE: $1250 
  • DESCRIPTION: The simple sculpted design of this one-of-a-kind spalted tamarind accent table showcases the gorgeous grain and natural beauty of this exotic wood.  Handcrafted in Indonesia from a solid block of rare, spalted tamarind wood, this organic accent table will be stunning addition to any space. No matter which way you view this piece, each and every side displays the unique textural beauty and variations of the spalted tamarind wood. With a hand sanded smooth finish this accent piece is a beautiful example of the art of nature. We’ve hand selected this particular side table for the exquisite beauty of the wood grain and it’s the exact piece that will be shipped. Hand crafted in Indonesia by local artisans. Grain variation and shading is part of the natural, organic beauty of this hard wood.
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall:  13 in L  x  13 in D  x  16.75 in H