Whitewashed Teak Mortar Side Table

  • PRODUCT: Whitewashed Teak Mortar Side Table
  • ITEM #: 1815-
  • PRICE: $950
  • DESCRIPTION: This whitewashed old mortar makes a unique and modern accent table and a great way to give a former utilitarian object a new life. Traditionally used in a village household in Java as a mortar to husk rice with a wooden pestle, this piece has been repurposed as a handsome rustic side table. Hand crafted decades ago from solid teak wood for household use, the old mortar opening has been closed with old teak wood to  function as a side table – or even a stool. Whitewashed for a contemporary and modern look – a perfect accent table for any space! Organic rustic texture and character throughout consistent with age and wear. 
  • DIMENSIONS:  Overall:  16  x  15  x  21.5 H  / Top approx  15 x 15 Weight: 75 pounds