Vintage Bleached Colonial Desk Table

  • PRODUCT: Vintage Bleached Colonial Desk Table
  • ITEM #: 1803-93
  • PRICE: $3500
  • DESCRIPTION: This original Dutch colonial desk from Java is a special find! The table top is truly nature at it’s best – displaying varying shades and character of the mahogany top- bleached, hand sanded and sealed with organic shellac for a gorgeous smooth finish. The desk maintains its traditional colonial style, including it’s hand carved teak turned legs, but it’s bleached finish gives it a fresh contemporary look. Originally handcrafted in Java, Indonesia in the 1950’s from mahogany and teak wood, the carved panels decorating one side were a later addition. The hand carved panels provide just the right amount of subtle detail and enhance the unique character of the table. This old Javanese desk has a warm, aged patina and organic utilitarian character from age and wear. It’s traditional colonial design with it’s modern organic finish makes it the perfect table for just about any type of space: eclectic, modern, global, cottage or rustic. A unique piece to use as a desk, a foyer table or even a kitchen island. Organic rustic character and texture throughout consistent with age and wear. 
  • DIMENSIONS: Overall:  67.5 in L  x  37.75 in W  x  31.25 in H / 27.75 in H to Skirt