What a Move it Was!

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Moving Gado Gado to it’s new location has been an overwhelming task to say the least! You never know how much stuff you really have until it’s time to move it!  It was 10 solid days of hauling … with no break for Thanksgiving, but Setiawan, aka “Moving Master”, was a man on a mission. Thanks to him we made it!  The crew from Bobadilla’s Signature Moving company was also a fabulous, hardworking team that worked tirelessly on the rainy, very cold days we had their help. No break for the weary though, as Setiawan is orchestrating the set up for the new showroom. It will be a work in progress for the next few weeks, so for those of you who stop in early on, we hope you’ll understand we’re still getting settled in our new home at 1483-C Chattahoochee Avenue. PS all of our handcrafted Indonesian Furniture is looking mighty fine in the new space!

Gado Gado on the move with Bobadilla's Signature Moving crew.

Gado Gado on the move with Bobadilla’s Signature Moving crew.

Bobadilla's Moving Crew

Bobadilla’s Moving Crew

Setiawan moving Gado Gado.

Setiawan finishing up Gado Gado’s Move: “That’s a Wrap!”

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