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Gado Gado is Moving in a New Direction

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  We’re moving in a new direction and transitioning with the times. If you haven’t heard, Gado Gado is closing it’s brick and mortar store and moving solely online.  Saturday, January 26 will be the last day to visit our store at 1483 Chattahoochee Avenue in Atlanta. We’ll start our move the following week to our new office and warehouse in Norcross, Georgia. We’ll have regular business hours at our new location by early February but we encourage our local clients to always call ahead if you plan to come by and pick up an item yourself. It’s been...

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Transitioning with the Times …

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Gado Gado is moving to an online based business …     After 21 years of having a brick and mortar storefront along with our website, Gado Gado is transitioning to an online based business. Over the years, our website sales have continued to grow and it’s now time to follow that lead. We’ll be in our current retail location at 1483-C Chattahoochee Avenue through mid to late January 2019. Check our website for updated information on moving details. We can also always be contacted via email at . Until then, please visit Gado Gado for some...

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Textile Artist Juliarose Triebes : Messengers of Elysium

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Juliarose Triebes a creative and talented textile artist, will be showing her newest collection at her joint exhibition “Messengers of Elysium” at the Chur Family Gallery in the Roycroft Powerhouse in East Aurora, New York.  Juliarose believes it’s important for her work to have a narrative and share a story. She draws inspiration for her designs from mythology and nature. Her work represents metaphors for larger themes, such as our interdependence with our natural environment, and the folly in our belief  that we are autonomous from our ecosystem. Please...

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Atlanta International Night Market

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The first annual Atlanta International Night Market opened last night (Nov 3) at Northlake Mall. It was a fun filled evening with a huge selection of food vendors, cultural performances and unique items for sale representing over 70 countries! A wonderful event that celebrates the rich diversity of people, culture and food that makes the Atlanta Metro region such an exciting and vibrant city. Highly recommend! November 3 – 5, 2017.  Visit the link for more details Atlanta International Night Market     

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VoyageATL Article: Meet Jill and Setiawan Onggo

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Read more about us in the VoyageATL interview below: Meet Jill and Setiawan Onggo of Gado Gado in West...

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Bali – My Postcard Perfect Moment

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Bali is truly my favorite place to BE.  It always adds color and vibrancy to my days and countless opportunities for inspiration as well as reflection. Ceremonies are frequent and famous on this Hindu island and there is always something, somewhere to celebrate and honor. As much as Bali transforms and modernizes, the Balinese continue to prioritize their community and religious duties in their daily lives and it remains the core of an otherwise changing world. For that they have my utmost admiration and respect. Witnessing ceremonial processions, as...

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