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Eclectic Hacienda Style Conversion in Chastain Park

Posted by on 26 Feb 2015 in Gado Gado, Social Media | 0 comments

Our  client’s home renovation in the Chastain Park area of Atlanta was recently featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Many of their purchases from Gado Gado are showcased in their beautiful home. Please visit the link to view the article and photos: Private Quarters: Eclectic Hacienda Style Conversion in Chastain Park      

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Contemporary Asian Design in Atlanta

Posted by on 9 Jun 2014 in Gado Gado, Social Media | 0 comments

Teak Deco Style Chair with Ikat pillow and Reclaimed Teak Chest from Old Plows.

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A Haven in the City

Posted by on 2 Nov 2013 in Design Inspiration, Gado Gado, Social Media | 0 comments

WaterMoon Refuge … A haven in the city. A rest from all striving. A place to be still.   It was a great privilege and a delightful pleasure working with Swami Lotus at WaterMoon Refuge.           If you are looking for a place to pause, to be still,  please visit for more information. A true haven in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Indonesian Architectural Panels for Headboards

Posted by on 10 Mar 2013 in Gado Gado, Social Media | 0 comments

Master bedroom project on the calender? How about using an Indonesian architectural panel for a one-of-a-kind headboard? These hand carved teak panels, whether reproductions or antiques, salvaged from old beds and doors make beautiful headboards.  Design a master bedroom that is a personal, exotic retreat and a relaxing holiday may only be a few steps away!

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Indonesian Consoles as Bath Vanities: Before & After Pics

Posted by on 6 Jan 2013 in Gado Gado, Social Media | 0 comments

Indonesian consoles and cabinets are beautiful alternatives to a traditional vanity that are sure to enhance your bath renovation.  As I mentioned in a previous post, incorporating a hand crafted piece of furniture as a vanity is a great way to add some personality and unique style to your bath redo. Many thanks to our client for providing the before and after photos. Both Indonesian console cabinets were purchased from Gado Gado.  Many of our pieces are one-of-a-kinds and our inventory is always changing, so please visit the Consoles :l: Buffets Gallery to view our current...

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